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We are OlympicBeardedDragon

Since 2019 we are keeping Bearded Dragons at first we created an Instagram page, you should check it out! We also decided to make a website. Here you can find out which bearded dragons we sell, and all the information you need to keep bearded dragons! Instagram account. You should check it out! We also decided to make a website. Here you can find which bearded dragons you can buy, and all the information you need to keep a bearded dragon

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What we do

We are OlympicBeardedDragon, we are bearded dragon breeders in South-Holland, The Netherlands. We want that people take good care of their bearded dragons! On this site you will not only find the sale of bearded dragons but also all kinds of information!

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About Bearded Dragons

Information about the Pogona Vitticeps and the Pogona Henrylawsoni

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All about Bearded Dragon Genetics


What you need to take care of a Bearded Dragon

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For sale

All the bearded dragons we sell

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Breeding Couples

our Breeding Couples

Our blog

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How To Bathe a Bearded Dragon

Bathing / showering a bearded dragon Why should a bearded dragon take a bath / shower? It can be quite important to bathe your bearded dragons every now and then ...
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Bearded Dragon Supplements

The right supplements for your bearded dragon, calcium and vitamins supplements should never be missed when keeping bearded dragons. They need extra vitamins / minerals and calcium. This because of shortages ...

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