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About us

We are OlympicBeardedDragon. Since 2019 we are keeping bearded dragons. We started off by making an Instagram Instagram account which you should check out! We decided to make a website.

The love for bearded dragons started. When I had to hold and take care of the bearded dragon at school. We always had reptiles at home, because we always had rat snakes. I did a lot of research to bearded dragons and I finally came across one named Oscar today we own 5 bearded dragons you can find more about them here below!

Eventually I wanted to breed with them and give people information so that they can take even better care for their bearded dragon(s) Feel free to take a good look on the website or if you have any questions contact us!

Oscar is a Red Citrus Hypo Het Trans Male. He was born on 10 May 2019. He is our first Bearded Dragon

Iggy is Red Leatherback Trans female, born on the 14th of July 2019. She is our Second Bearded Dragon

Liv is a Citrus Hypo Het Trans genetic stripe female and was born on 28th october 2019. She is our third bearded dragon

Ice is a hypo trans het zero female, born on the 15th of November 2019. She is our fourth Bearded Dragon. Ice will be for sale soon so if you are interested feel free to send us a mail

Nugget is a Hypo 100% het zero witblits male he is our fifth Bearded Dragon

Lucifer is a red hypo het trans male. He was born on 2 may 2020 and is our 7th bearded dragon

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